Holidays are here at last!

I finally managed to submit my research proposal and my ethics application so now all I have to do is lay back and enjoy a few (well-earned) weeks of holidays.  The best part of working in education while studying is that uni & work holidays coincide… I don’t have to feel guilty about endless procrastination for the time being!

All going well I’ll begin my research project next term.  As soon as I work out just how that will happen of course.  It’s so easy to sound confident, as well as feel confident, when referring to some future event; quite another to maintain that confidence as the deadline inches closer and closer….

BUT that doesn’t matter right now.  For the moment it’s all about endless pots of tea, lots of healthy food, working my way through a towering pile of books (read purely for pleasure – take that research!) & some tentative socialising with seldom-seen friends.  Oh & red wine.  Always red wine.

A trip to the school garden has been on the agenda for the past week but I haven’t gotten there yet.  I haven’t gotten around to visiting my community garden plot either.  Another downside of studying this particular topic seems to be that I now associate gardening with work; something to be avoided on holidays.  That’s not quite the view I want to encourage so tomorrow I’m definitely going to visit both, even if just to prune back the passionfruit & pick some herbs.  I WILL NOT let work and study negatively influence my favourite past-time.  Well along with reading, drinking wine, draining the teapot and daydreaming. But it’s up there with the others.  It’s garden or bust!

About B Lee Draper

Teacher, uni student, aspiring writer.
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