About Me

B Lee Draper has spent the past few years specialising as a Sustainability Teacher. Before that, she spent several years overseas teaching English in South Korea, Mongolia and China. Stints teaching on remote Indigenous communities have reignited her love of the Australian bush.

She lives in northern Australia and does as much writing as time (and procrastination) allows. She is currently studying a Master of Sustainability Education and lamenting over the difference between writing research papers and writing fiction.


B Lee is a member of the Australia West chapter of SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and a lurker at Scribophile, an online writing and critiquing site. Having recently co-authored the first draft of a fantasy YA novel, she is currently in the throes of writing a fantasy MG novel with an environmental theme.

B Lee’s spare time is spent writing, reading, concocting herbal pesticides and planning her retirement. It will involve a secluded tropical island and a vineyard.



Flash fiction Pina Coladas published by Mysterical-E on 01/03/14. http://www.mystericale.com/index.php?issue=current_issue&body=file&file=pina.html

Short Story The Great Garden Heist published by Spellbound Magazine on 01/03/14 http://eggplantproductions.com/spellbound-magazine/spellbound-dwarves/

Short Story Studying Shakespeare  published by Youth Imagination Magazine in February, 2014. http://www.youthimagination.org/index.php/publish/current-issue/issue-10-feb-2014/item/77-studying-shakespeare-by-b-lee-draper

Flash fiction The Nanny published by Fifty Word Stories on 18/02/14. http://fiftywordstories.com/2014/02/18/b-lee-draper-the-nanny/

Flash fiction Moody Sky & Mermaid Green published by Nail Polish Stories in January, 2014. http://nailpolishstories.wordpress.com/

Flash fiction Death of a Trophy published by Fifty Word Stories on 10/12/13. http://fiftywordstories.com/2013/12/09/b-lee-draper-loss-of-a-trophy/

Short story Yellow Brick Road  published by the Kids Book Review website in November, 2013. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2013/11/kbr-short-story-yellow-brick-road.html

Flash fiction The Red Shoe published by Postcard Shorts in November, 2013. http://www.postcardshorts.com/read-2097.html

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  1. I’m a member of SCBWI too, in central Texas in the Austin area.

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