Publication with Postcard Shorts

The story I submitted, The Red Shoe, was culled from a longer short story which was an exercise in playing around with description – trying to use expressive, lyrical language to describe a rather depressing scene.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of micro fiction, you’ve come to the right place. Postcard Shorts has several hundred diverse and diverting short stories, for you to read, share and enjoy.

The inspiration for this site comes from a challenge made by George Hay, a science fiction magazine editor in the 1970s, to Arthur C. Clarke (and others). The challenge was to write a short story to put on a postcard. One result was Arthur C. Clarke’s story “Quarantine”, which you can read here.


All stories must be around 250 words long – enough to fit comfortably on the back of a postcard.

I know this is only a small publication and a lot of people would probably hardly register it, but these things are what keeps me typing away at my desk night after night. When you have a busy life, work, study and a slight social life, then it really takes some motivation to sit up late and write.

Small accomplishments like this are what does it for me. Start small and aim big, my new motto. Today, a postcard, tomorrow a fantasy trilogy! 🙂

About B Lee Draper

Teacher, uni student, aspiring writer.
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