Sustainability as a Career

I’m starting this blog to try and keep myself interested in and passionate about the things in life that matter to me; well, some of those things anyway. Well, in fact, mainly just ONE of those things.

I’m currently going through a change in my life in regards to my career; following my heart and attempting to create a little niche for myself where going to work each day becomes a joyful extension of my passions in life rather than a resentful deviation from what really interests me.
I see too many people who either hate what they do for a living (not occasionally but every single day) or are neutral about it and treat it as ‘time out’ from where their true interests lay.  Now it goes without saying (though I’ll say it all the same) that the former is worse than the latter, but I’m attempting the third option – loving what I do for a living.

I’m a teacher  that loves educating, learning from, listening to, talking with students but hates the traditional ‘classroom’ setting.  And I won’t even mention the traditional education system as it currently operates as this isn’t a place I particularly want to do any ranting in.  I’ve taught in the traditional classroom in Australia, both in urban & remote communities, I’ve spent 12 months teaching English in the public school system in South Korea, a Summer of Summer Camps out on the steppes of Mongolia (literally on the sides of mountains surrounded by yaks) and 12 months in a private language school in China.  I’ve been able to combine my love of teaching with my love of travel and it’s been a joy, but as I get older I crave for something more. Perhaps I want a less transient life? 

I’ve been working part-time the last couple of years as a Garden/Sustainability Teacher alongside the more traditional classroom teacher role and it’s become clear to me that THAT is what I want to do full-time with my life; become a Sustainability educator.  Not necessarily limited to a school setting but definitely working within the realms of education.  I’ve had the honour of setting up 2 school ‘Kitchen gardens’ and now that I’ve had a taste of it I want more, more, more!

So this year I’m undertaking a Master of Sustainability Education while working 2 days a week as a Sustainability teacher.  It struck me today that loving doing something can often be negatively influenced by studying it.  No matter how much I love the subject I’ve fallen into the attitude that it’s study therefore I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm.  Hence this blog to remind me just why I’m studying in the first place and why I’m studying the particular subject of sustainability.

Because I LOVE it!!!

So I’m planning to fill this blog up with photos, links, quotes, facts, poetry and lots of plans, schemes, beauty and silliness.  It’s a quest to remind myself what a beautiful precious planet we live on and how we can make sure that it lives on as well.


About B Lee Draper

Teacher, uni student, aspiring writer.
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